Challenge Evaluation

Hi every body

The week last challenge :

I did visit some blogs.Challenge Was the most interesting was the Very pound of .The challenge was most useful was the live comment on there other blog .The topics a would like to include in the future is write a very fun thing a bot Halloween . If you want to make link in your blogs is open HTML and the is was . My favorite   singer . Yes  they are . yes yes they are. OK some . yes I would like to put more interesting in it.

Cheking My Blogs

Hi guy it me. My blogs:
  •  I have 15 page .Not much
  • I have 20 comments and 217 visitor 
  • My post that have a lot of comment  My favorite singer maybe the people comment it like he too
  • The post Am love to write most it the thing am most pound
  • Am change my blogs themes a lot because some are nice some are bad
  • My blogs have 3 widget.I think it not enough
  •  Am have 10 friend in my blogs
  • Am have 14 in the challenge activity am 2 not in class

Love J_dragon

Very proud

Hello guys it me again
Today am going to tell you about what i very proud of .in the fist day at
school in VAS they let me and my friend dance something but we don't know
anything suddenly i remember the thing we do last year so we do that
at 1st all of use all have butterfly in use .But some thing come up
then we don't do that any more so I tell my friend to come down .
But they make me to sing some thing am it was hard but so what am
must do it .then something come up am it went successful .

thach u





Hi every one I ‘ m back

today I’m going to tell you about Petroglyphs at Chaco Canyon

this is the pictures of the dancer in Petroglyphs be in his back if you look closely it look like a the earth (in red and yellow), the sky (light blue), and rain (black bars at the bottom of the face).


The pitures of crazy stuff

In 1054 for a period of about two weeks, a supernova in our own galaxy glowed so brightly it could be seen even during the daytime. This petroglyph, found near Peñasco Blanco at Chaco Canyon, is thought by some to be a representation of this spectacular cosmological event.

Compare the coronagraph with this petroglyph, near Una Vida at Chaco Canyon. The petroglyph is thought by some to represent the total solar eclipse of AD 1097. The curly projections could have been the illuminated corona, which glows brightly during totality. The curly halo might also suggest the sun was undergoing a coronal mass ejection, with coronal material being flung outward toward the earth.